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TATSU – A decentralized ecosystem on Bittensor

Introduction to $TATSU

The $TATSU ecosystem is a suite of applications, infrastructure , APIs and even a blockchain subnet built on the Bittensor chain for AI based applications.

What is important to note is that currently $TATSU is not part of one of the 32 Bittensor subnets and the team is still working on that.

This ecosystem is not just a platform for the Taτsu team’s creations but is also an open environment where developers and innovators can contribute, expand, and utilize the ecosystem’s capabilities.

What are Bittensor subnets?

Bittensor subnets form the backbone of the Bittensor network, a cutting-edge platform built for fostering a decentralized landscape for machine learning models and AI services. These subnets play a pivotal role in structuring the network efficiently, facilitating seamless collaboration among diverse nodes.

A Bittensor subnet represents a distinct segment within the overarching Bittensor network, comprising a collective of nodes operating under shared protocols and guidelines. These subnets are engineered to enhance resource allocation and task management by establishing compact, specialized clusters of nodes dedicated to specific functions or services.

Each subnet specializes in distinct computational tasks, data storage, or AI model training, thereby optimizing performance and resource utilization. This specialization fosters heightened efficiency as nodes within a subnet can fine-tune their operations to cater to specific tasks effectively.

$TATSU offerings and products

Some of the offerings in the $TATSU ecosystem as of now are:

  • Tatsu apps – A number of applications available to users through a subscription model, this generates a majority of the income for the $$TATSU ecosystem.
  • Tatsu APIs – To provide developers and businesses decentralized AI capablities.
  • Tatsu Subnet – A specialized service allowing users to leverage a dedicated proprietary subnet for their uses.

Some of the applications available to use are –

  1. Tatsu Echo: Transform text seamlessly with Taτsu’s TTS innovation for dynamic communication.
  2. Tatsu Ask: Elevate interactions with Taτsu’s Chat for dynamic conversational experiences.
  3. Tatsu Lang: Bridging languages for seamless global communication.

The $TATSU roadmap

The Taτsu Ecosystem’s roadmap unfolds across three distinct phases, each delineated by its unique objectives and key milestones:

  1. Foundation Phase: At the outset, the emphasis lies on laying the groundwork for the Taτsu Ecosystem’s core infrastructure. This phase prioritizes the development and fine-tuning of decentralized applications leveraging the Bittensor network. Establishing a robust and scalable framework forms the bedrock for subsequent growth and evolution.
  2. Expansion Phase: Building upon the established foundation, the expansion phase seeks to amplify the ecosystem’s reach by attracting a diverse array of developers and users. Key initiatives during this stage revolve around the introduction of API access, pivotal for bolstering the ecosystem’s functionality and fostering widespread adoption.
  3. Innovation Phase: As the Taτsu Ecosystem matures, the focus shifts towards innovation and consolidation. This phase marks the deployment of the Taτsu Bittensor Subnet, a pivotal milestone in the ecosystem’s evolution. Concurrently, efforts intensify towards enhancing the API’s capabilities and nurturing a dynamic community around the ecosystem’s offerings.

$TATSU tokenomics

Total Supply: 1M Market Cap

Market Cap: $18M

Fully Diluted MC: $26M

Final Thoughts…

The competetion in the AI space is just as fierce as the hype around it. $TAO is probably one of the biggest players in the web3 AI space and it is one of the reasons why $TATSU also gets a lot of eyes. But to maintain this level of interest needs a lot of effort from the team as the AI space is getting filled with more and more projects every day.

To know about Tatsu more, check out their website here and for other project reviews by us check out our blogs page.

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