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From checking coin prices, price action, volumes, news etc. can be tricky. Our Crypto Talk has a mission to make it simple to manage everything from one place.


A Vibrant Community

OCT is a dynamic hub of diverse enthusiasts, united by their shared passion for crypto and its endless possibilities. Collaboration and creativity fuel this ecosystem, making it a thriving center for innovation.


Elevate Your Learning

Enhance your crypto knowledge with our informative crypto talk. Stay updated, learn, and engage in discussions on the latest developments in the crypto world.

Live Market Data

Stay updated with the latest market prices and trading volumes.

Crypto Networking

Connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts just like yourself.

Portfolio Tracking

Monitor your watchlist and track your coin investments' performance.

Trading Competitions

Engage in and participate in thrilling, competitive trading contests.

Multiple Crypto Rooms

Gain access to a variety of crypto discussion rooms.

Leaderboard Rewards

Earn rewards and recognition by performing well on the leaderboard.

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This looks great actually, I'm looking very much forward to it and I truly hope to be able to spend more time on the platform. Imo it's better than the next discord server.
Steve Chching
The user-friendliness is a great USP. I mean even without the trade feature the things like coin comparison, the popularity section etc.. I would come here for that alone
Chris Mico
OCT is a must-have for crypto enthusiasts. Its user-friendly interface, active community, and live market data make it an invaluable resource. Highly recommended!
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A crypto community that feels more like a tight-knit family.

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