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$SRM : World’s top renewable energy blockchain

Introduction to $SRM

Solareum blockchain claims to be pioneering an exciting new PoG (Proof of Generation) technology on the world’s first sustainable L1 chain.

SolareumChain introduces a groundbreaking approach to blockchain validation, departing from traditional energy-intensive methods. Instead, it pioneers a validation process anchored in renewable energy generation.

This innovative model not only enhances security but also promotes sustainability. At the heart of SolareumChain lies renewable energy production, driving its operations while ensuring ecological responsibility.

Powered by its native token, Solareum ($SRM), the network facilitates seamless transactions and governance, setting a new standard for eco-conscious blockchain solutions.

Benefits of SolareumChain

SolareumChain offers a unique set of advantages that are mostly unclaimed by most of the blockchains.

  • Eco-friendly: The validation process of the blockchain relies on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or hydroelectric power. This approach guarantees that blockchain operations maintain a minimal carbon footprint, thereby advancing sustainability efforts for a greener future.
  • Security: As energy generation serves as the foundation for validation, the network achieves heightened decentralization and security. Incentivizing participants to engage in the validation process fosters a distributed network where no single entity can dominate control. This dynamic ensures robust security measures and reinforces the network’s resilience against centralized control
  • Resilience to energy crisis: Relying on renewable energy sources makes the blockchain less susceptible to energy crises or fluctuations in fossil fuel prices. This resilience guarantees the network’s uninterrupted functionality, even in the face of challenging circumstances.
  • Cost Efficiency: Harnessing excess renewable energy for validation purposes enables the blockchain to minimize energy wastage. This strategy not only promotes environmental sustainability but also offers cost savings for participants. By leveraging surplus renewable energy, the blockchain becomes an economically viable solution in the long term.
  • Green Energy Adoption: The blockchain’s reliance on renewable energy creates additional demand for green technologies, encouraging more businesses and individuals to invest in renewable energy sources.

The Solareum Team

The SolareumChain team is lead by:

  1. Corey MacMichael (CEO): More than 15 years of experience in roles like lead architect and services consultant before $SRM.
  2. David Donovan (COO/CTO): A history of leadership roles like Vice President, Global senior director etc.
  3. Broc Chab (CMO): More than 6 years of experience in Web3 marketing.

$SRM Tokenomics

Values as per the time of writing, 25th April 2024.

Market Cap: $12.72M
Total Supply: 100M $SRM

Price: $0.13
ATH: $0.2086 (Feb 2024)

The above values are as per CMC, but according to this tweet by Solareum team themselves, the following is the tokenomics and distribution of tokens:

Final thoughts on $SRM

What really impressed is the team’s communication and that they have a very active blog page that they use to give any updates about the project.

Of course the tech and environment-friendliness is a very unique aspect as well that cannot be overlooked. How successful will that be? Remains to be seen. But the project is trying something unique and was rewarded with an ATH in Feb of 2024.

For more project reviews, do check out our blogs page here and you can reach out to the $SRM team on X here.

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