Michael Saylor Rules of Bitcoin

Michael Saylor’s “21 Rules Of Bitcoin”

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy (the corporation with the highest $BTC balance) recently gave a talk in Prague on Bitcoin and what he described as “21 Rules Of Bitcoin”.

In this article, we at Our Crypto Talk will try to read through the lines of these 21 rules and what Michael Saylor meant through his 21 rules. Nothing is any kind of advice and we don’t expect you to pay attention to a multi-billionaire xD

But if you want to watch the video, here it is –

1. “Those who understand buy Bitcoin, those who don’t criticize Bitcoin.”

Saylor declared this to set the tone for his discourse on the dichotomy between skeptics and proponents. He argued that recognizing BTC’s potential is akin to seeing a paradigm shift before it fully unfolds.

2. “Everyone is against Bitcoin, before they are for it.”

Reflecting on his initial dismissive stance in 2013, Saylor recounted how his view evolved as BTC’s resilience and potential became increasingly evident. His personal journey from skepticism to advocacy underscores a common path among investors who often transition from doubt to strong support.

3. “You will never be done learning about Bitcoin.”

Saylor stated this to emphasize the complexity and ever-evolving nature of the cryptocurrency. He suggested that BTC’s intersection with global economics, technology, and regulatory frameworks makes it a perpetually relevant subject for study.

4. “Buy BTC because entropy is guaranteed.”

Drawing historical parallels, Saylor highlighted moments of significant upheaval, such as WWII and the rise of communism in Europe, to illustrate BTC’s value as a non-geopolitical, stable store of wealth. He suggested that Bitcoin provides a safe haven in times of disorder.

5. “Bitcoin is the only game in the casino that we can all win.”

According to Saylor, BTC offers an equitable opportunity in contrast to traditional financial systems, which he views as inherently skewed against the average person. He framed it as a uniquely fair and transparent financial instrument.

6. “Bitcoin won’t protect you if you don’t wear the armor.”

He advised taking a proactive approach to investment. This analogy was used to encourage substantial, thoughtful investment in Bitcoin to safeguard one’s financial future.

7. “Your cryptographic keys in your head are your wealth.”

Saylor passionately argued that Bitcoin enables a form of ownership unmediated by any third party. This, he claimed, is a radical shift from the way assets have been controlled and protected throughout history.

8. “Everyone gets Bitcoin at the price they deserve.”

Reflecting on the volatility and growth trajectory, Saylor shared a personal anecdote on how he dismissed BTC at $892 to only deserve buying it at $9,500 for the first time. He remarked that people might try to wait for a dip even when Bitcoin reaches higher prices, but it will continue to rise.

9. “Only invest money that one can afford to lose.”

Saylor advised this to highlight the conservative approach to adopting new financial technologies. This rule underscores the balance between visionary investment and financial prudence.

10. “Fiat currencies and traditional economic indicators are ‘the matrix.’”

Describing fiat currencies and traditional economic indicators as “the matrix,” Saylor championed Bitcoin as a means to transcend conventional financial systems. He sees it as not just a technology but a liberation from restrictive narratives imposed by traditional economic structures.

11. “Without BTC, MSTR would have failed.”

Saylor shared insights from personal experiences where Bitcoin’s impact on his company’s financial stability was profound. He illustrated the direct impact of strategic Bitcoin investments on corporate finance.

12. “24% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next decade.”

Saylor projected this conservative growth rate, setting a potential valuation benchmark and underscoring his confidence in BTC’s sustained growth. Notably, this would price BTC at $600,000 by 2034.

13. “The cure to economic illness is the orange pill.”

Saylor described the current economic system as flawed, seeing BTC as a cure for these inherent issues. He promoted it as a revolutionary technology that offers a radical update to outdated economic practices.

14. “Be for Bitcoin, not against fiat.”

Rather than attacking the fading fiat system, Saylor urged for a positive approach. He emphasized the importance of building a new system rather than destructively opposing the old.

15. “Bitcoin is for everybody.”

Saylor projected that digital capital like BTC could eventually represent half of all value in a future, yet-to-be-imagined world economy, which would significantly drive up its price.

16. “Learn to think in Bitcoin.”

Saylor advised this, encouraging a shift in perspective to view future technologies and paradigms through the lens of BTC, rather than trying to fit new innovations into old frameworks.

17. “You don’t change Bitcoin, it changes you.”

Saylor highlighted how BTC challenges individuals to rethink their approach to money, value, and investment on a global scale.

18. “Laser eyes protect you from endless lies.”

Saylor underscored the importance of maintaining focus on the long-term potential, especially when its market price reaches landmarks like $100,000 or $1 million. He envisioned a future where BTC’s market cap could escalate to between $100 trillion and $500 trillion.

19. “Respect Bitcoin or it will make a clown of you.”

He cautioned this as a warning against underestimating BTC’s impact and the foolishness of mocking an emerging financial technology that has substantial backing and proven resilience.

20. “You do not sell your Bitcoin.”

Saylor likened selling BTC to self-sabotage, suggesting that it is a foundational asset for long-term financial security, much like a life raft in an ocean or a fire in winter.

21. “Spread Bitcoin with love.”

Finally, Saylor concluded with this, stressing the importance of patience and kindness in promoting BTC, especially towards those who are initially critical or dismissive of its benefits.

In summary, Michael Saylor’s comprehensive set of principles regarding Bitcoin outlines a transformative vision for the cryptocurrency as a revolutionary financial asset. His insights, ranging from the importance of understanding and learning about Bitcoin to the strategic approach of long-term holding, offer a roadmap for navigating the complexities of this emerging technology. Now, with all due respect, I have sometimes criticised Saylor for being a Bitcoin Maxi and completely ignoring the industry as a whole but I cannot argue against the rules he has put up.

The guy knows what he’s talking about most of the time, and I think newer people into Bitcoin can definitely learn a lot from hearing him talk (and reading our articles lol).

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