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Bitcoin Price Problem in This Cycle


The cryptocurrency market has been significantly volatile, with a notable issue being the Bitcoin price. Veteran trader Peter Brandt has highlighted a bearish tendency that poses a concern for the current trend. Despite an overall uptrend, Bitcoin has been gradually losing its value, causing alarm among investors.

The reason why Peter’s POV is important is because he has already warned us of the drop which we covered here

Breaking the 200 EMA

One of the critical factors contributing to the Bitcoin price problem is the breach of the 200 exponential moving average (EMA). Historically, this line has served as a reliable support level. However, Bitcoin has broken below this average, signaling a potential for a more significant correction. The recent crash below $58,000 exemplifies this trend, causing massive market liquidations and contributing to the downtrend.

Bitcoin Price and 200 EMA

Factors Affecting Bitcoin Price

Several factors have exacerbated the Bitcoin price problem:

  • Global Uncertainty: The ongoing global uncertainty has increased market volatility and put pressure on sellers. This heightened volatility has made it difficult for Bitcoin to maintain its upward momentum.
  • Mt. Gox and German Government Sales: The selling pressure from Mt. Gox and the German government has also had a significant impact. Billions of dollars worth of BTC entered the market, resulting in a price drop due to thin liquidity.

Impact on Investors

Investors are concerned about the Bitcoin price problem. The breach of critical support levels and increased volatility have raised fears of a more extended correction. This situation contrasts sharply with the bullish behavior observed earlier in the cycle, making it unclear how long the uptrend will last.


The Bitcoin problem in this cycle is a multifaceted issue influenced by technical breaches and external pressures. The bearish tendencies noted by Peter Brandt underscore the challenges facing Bitcoin. As the market navigates these turbulent times, investors must stay informed and prepared for potential further corrections. The Bitcoin price remains a key focus for traders and analysts, with its future trajectory still uncertain.

By understanding these dynamics, stakeholders can better manage their positions and anticipate market movements. The Bitcoin price will undoubtedly continue to be a critical barometer of the cryptocurrency market’s health.

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