Zksync Introduces Community Governance with ZK Nation

Zksync, an Ethereum layer two (L2) network, has launched a community-driven governance system called ZK Nation. This system aims to enhance governance, security, and scalability through active community participation.

Empowering Community Governance

Firstly, the ZK Nation governance framework gives token holders significant influence over the Zksync protocol. Participants can propose and vote on protocol upgrades and network changes. The governance system includes three on-chain bodies: the Token Assembly, Security Council, and Guardians.

Structure and Responsibilities

The Token Assembly, which includes token holders and their delegates, will propose and ratify initiatives. Meanwhile, the Guardians will uphold the values of the ZK Credo, ensuring protocol principles are maintained. Additionally, the Security Council will focus on technical security and can freeze the protocol in response to threats.

Proven Performance and Future Plans

Since launching Zksync Era on mainnet in March 2023, the protocol has shown high throughput and low fees. Over 350 million transactions have been validated, and more than six million wallet addresses created. Consequently, the introduction of ZK Nation is crucial for maintaining decentralization and ensuring resilience.

Community Involvement and Future Details

Matter Labs and Zksync view ZK Nation as essential for the protocol’s future. More details on the delegation process and governance structure will be shared soon. “The future of the internet depends on our collective action,” the team stated. “By uniting to embed a commitment to freedom, ZK Nation can preserve Zksync’s integrity.”

Setting a Precedent in Blockchain Governance

Lastly, ZK Nation aims to set a precedent for community-driven governance in the blockchain space. Active community involvement will ensure Zksync remains robust, secure, and scalable.

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