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Robert Kiyosaki is Tired of Pushing Bitcoin Adoption

Growing Frustration with Bitcoin Reluctance

Financial educator and author Robert Kiyosaki has expressed growing frustration with people’s reluctance to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). Known for his best-selling personal finance book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Kiyosaki is a vocal advocate for Bitcoin as a hedge against economic instability and traditional fiat currencies.

Common Excuses for Not Investing

In a recent post on social media, Kiyosaki highlighted the excuses he often hears from individuals hesitant to invest in Bitcoin. The most common excuse is that Bitcoin is too expensive. He acknowledged that Bitcoin is currently high but insisted that it is not as high as it will go. Robert Kiyosaki reiterated his Rich Dad’s lesson on investing, emphasizing that profit is made when you buy, not when you sell.

“I become frustrated encouraging people to buy Bitcoin. I receive so many lame excuses…. the most common excuse…. ‘Bitcoin is too expensive.’ And it is high… yet not as high as it’s going to go. I simply repeat my rich dad’s lesson on investing…. ‘Your profit is made when you buy…. Not when you sell,’” Robert Kiyosaki stated.

Bitcoin’s Potential for Growth

Robert Kiyosaki emphasized that while Bitcoin’s current price might seem daunting, it still holds significant potential for future growth. He urged his followers not to be deterred by its current valuation, suggesting that the real opportunity lies in making a strategic purchase at any price point.

“We all wish we had bought Bitcoin when it was $10….but those days are long gone. Don’t be a loser, buy a little, what you can afford and keep buying,” he added.

Belief in Bitcoin’s Future Skyrocketing

Robert Kiyosaki’s frustration stems from a common belief among prospective investors that Bitcoin’s price has already peaked. He is among those who believe Bitcoin is likely to skyrocket in the coming months. He projected that the cryptocurrency would likely trade at $350,000 by August 25 this year.

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