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BtcTurk’s hot wallets attacked

BtcTurk, a leading crypto exchange in Turkey, suffered a cyber attack resulting in unauthorized access to several of its hot wallets. The exchange detected the attack, revealing that hackers managed to steal crypto balances from some of its hot wallets.

  • The breach impacted at least 10 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Despite the breach, BtcTurk reassured its users that the majority of its crypto assets, stored in cold wallets, remained secure.
  • The exchange emphasized that its financial stability far exceeds the stolen amounts, ensuring user assets are protected from potential losses.

In response to the attack, BtcTurk has temporarily suspended all crypto deposits and withdrawals. The exchange’s team is actively working to resolve the issue and restore full functionality to the platform as soon as possible. BtcTurk is also investigating the breach and collaborating with relevant authorities to prevent future incidents.

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