Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETF Market Rebound

On July 5, the spot Bitcoin ETF market saw a notable resurgence, with a net inflow of $143.1 million. This brought the cumulative net inflow to $14.76 billion and $2.81 billion in total value traded, marking the highest inflow for the month after two days of continuous outflows.

Bitcoin ETF Inflow

Impact of Bitcoin Price Drop

The drop in Bitcoin (BTC) price from $58,159.05 on July 4 to $53,906.57 on July 5 spurred increased investment in the asset. Mt. Gox’s announcement of repayments in BTC and Bitcoin Cash to creditors caused investor panic, leading to high liquidity and a 6.90% drop in BTC over the past week. BTC was trading at $56,600 at the time of writing, with a 4.1% increase.

Major Contributors to Bitcoin ETF Inflow

Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC) and Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB) significantly boosted the spot Bitcoin ETF market. Despite not surpassing the all-time high net inflow of $1.05 billion recorded in March 2024, their contributions were substantial.

  • FBTC:
    • Trading at $49.43 after a 6.51% decline
    • Single-day inflow: $117.38 million
    • Cumulative net inflow: $9.36 billion
  • BITB:
    • Net inflow: $30.19 million
    • Cumulative net inflow: $2.08 billion
    • Trading at $30.82 after a 6.46% drop

Market Outlook

According to Coinglass, spot Bitcoin ETFs hold $3.21 billion in total volume, $50.87 billion in market cap, and $50.08 billion in assets under management. The recent surge in net inflows underscores growing investor confidence and a positive outlook for BTC.

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