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Arbitrum DAO dedicates $220M for gaming ecosystem

On June 7, the Arbitrum community approved a proposal to boost the gaming ecosystem with support from the Arbitrum Foundation. This initiative will distribute 225 million ARB tokens, worth about $222 million, over three years through the newly established Gaming Catalyst Program (GCP).

  • According to Arbitrum, the global gaming market would be worth $190B by 2025.
  • The GPP will offer grants up to 500,000 ARB (around $483,000) for new and early-stage game developers. Established studios can apply for larger investments, which may include value-sharing components like tokens or equity.
  • The initiative aims to attract 200 to 300 developer applications, ensure over 20% of Web3 games use Arbitrum, launch 25 new Orbits, and achieve the highest net migrations among layer-2 networks. Additionally, remaining funds will support infrastructure, bounties, and operational expenses to foster a thriving gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum.

Growthepie data indicates a notable rise in activity on the Arbitrum network, with daily active addresses increasing by 30% over the past month, now totaling 710,000. This surge places Arbitrum ahead of other layer-2 networks. According to DeFiLlama, Arbitrum is the leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution, boasting a total value locked (TVL) of over $4 billion.

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