Propbase : The Future of Real Estate Investment

Real World Asset Tokenization is poised to redefine the future of investment by seamlessly merging traditional real estate with blockchain technology. This innovative approach democratizes access to high-value assets, making them divisible and readily available to a broader investor base.

In this article, we delve into a high-potential Real World Asset project—Propbase: a platform that facilitates fractional ownership, empowering investors to enter the realm of high-quality real estate assets with just $100. The article comprehensively explores key features, technology, team dynamics, and market sentiments surrounding Propbase.

The Future of Real Estate Investing

Propbase positions itself as the “future of real estate investing,” inviting investors to explore the potential of real-world assets in the crypto space. The platform enables users to engage in fractional ownership, breaking down barriers for small-scale investors to access resilient real estate assets.

Key Features of Propbase


Record-Breaking Success

Propbase has garnered attention for its record-breaking success, achieving over $1 million in volume on November 10th, shortly after its official launch. The project emphasizes its commitment to providing a user-friendly experience through its app,

Yield Opportunities

Propbase targets an 8-12% yearly yield, coupled with 5-6% capital gains in active regions, underlining its commitment to delivering returns. The platform underscores the potential for substantial returns by boasting a tokenized value of $25 million.

Blockchain Technology

Built on Aptos blockchain, Propbase offers a highly scalable, fast, and secure tokenized property transaction platform. The use of distributed web technology enhances the efficiency and security of property transactions.

Fractal Ownership

Propbase ensures that every property listed on its platform is tokenized, allowing investors to purchase either the entire property or a fraction of it. This feature mirrors the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

Guaranteed Rental Income

One distinctive feature of Propbase is its provision of guaranteed rental income for a specified period on qualified properties. This adds a layer of security for investors, mitigating risks associated with property management.

P2P Marketplace

The platform includes a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can sell their tokens at any time by creating listings. This feature enhances liquidity and flexibility for investors.

Propbase Team

Propbase’s success is attributed to its experienced team, consisting of three key members:

  1. Kevin Goose (Founder and CEO): An entrepreneur and technical platform development expert.
  2. Hudson Leung: An expert in growth strategy, web 3, and marketplace development.
  3. Jesse Gage: An expert in building online marketplaces, media, and marketing.

This trio claims a proven track record in disrupting the real estate industry since 2022, showcasing their expertise in blockchain innovation and web 3 technologies.

Propbase Tokenomics

The native token, $PROPS, is designed to fuel the entire Propbase ecosystem. With an intelligently designed allocation to meet global demand, $PROPS is utilized for various interactions on the platform, including purchase orders, creating listings, and transferring generated yields.

  • IDO Allocation: 20%
  • Rewards: 35%
  • Liquidity Pool: 10%
  • Company: 12%
  • Foundation: 3%
  • Advisors: 5%
  • Seed: 5%
  • Marketing: 10%

The tokenomics aim to facilitate a uniform method of settlement for smart contract interactions, ensuring low fees and efficient transactions on the platform.


Propbase Roadmap

In crafting Propbase’s roadmap, the project exhibits a meticulously planned trajectory, highlighting a strategic approach to development and growth. The roadmap is characterized by a thoughtful sequence of initiatives. It commences with a comprehensive website revamp, emphasizing enhanced UI/UX and real-time updates, underscoring the project’s commitment to transparency and user engagement.

Propbase strategically positions itself for greater interoperability by integrating an EVM bridge, thereby showcasing a forward-thinking approach to leveraging the Ethereum ecosystem. Moreover, the team dedicates itself to security and reliability, consistently conducting meticulous audits of smart contracts for EVM compatibility—essential elements in the blockchain landscape.

Furthermore, Propbase actively ensures a comprehensive testing phase, including a Nexus Testnet, effectively mitigating potential challenges and ensuring a seamless transition to the mainnet. Additionally, the roadmap reflects a well-balanced focus on both technological advancements—exemplified by the EVM bridge and Nexus—and user-centric improvements, like the website revamp and dynamic growth metrics.

Moreover, the roadmap distinctly progresses towards real-world asset tokenization, marked by partnerships with renowned hotels and ambitious plans to tokenize assets worth $20 million USD on-chain. In this manner, Propbase’s roadmap actively instills confidence in its commitment to innovation, security, and delivering substantial value to its user base.


While Propbase holds promise as an innovative real estate investment platform, investors should approach with caution and conduct thorough due diligence. Notably, the project’s success hinges on various factors such as market trends, regulatory developments, and the team’s ability to execute their roadmap.

Propbase stands as a testament to the potential convergence of traditional real estate and blockchain technology. As time unfolds, only then will it be revealed whether Propbase secures a prominent position in the crypto space, offering a new dimension to the way investors approach real estate.

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