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PAAL AI: Review of the newest AI gem

Introduction to AI in web3 and $PAAL

AI has been all the hype in the tech world since the release of GPT-3 and ChatGPT. Tech giants like Google have come up with their AI models in Gemini and the open source community has been pushing their own projects forward.

The Web3 community has also not been behind, with the advent of Bittensor ($TAO), $AGI (merging three big names in $OCEAN, $FET and $AGIX) and many more.

One of the top projects that have really erupted in 2024 has been $PAAL AI. $PAAL saw a 7x from Jan 2024 to March 2024 and has a huge potential in the coming months and years as well.

The PAAL AI project focuses majorly on bots which are customised to the crypto space and can be integrated on various platforms like Telegram, Discord or even your own applications.

Features of the PAAL Bots

$PAAL AI bots are capable of providing the users with :
– Real time data from the internet.
– AI assistance with crypto search and real-time metrics.
– Customisable bot personality.
– Crypto trading add ons like PAAL wallet, pro trading strategies etc.
– Sports betting features likes advanced betting functionalities, real time sports data etc.

PAAL claims that their bots are capable of the highest order of complex workflows and respond to the users’ behaviour. PAAL Labs are also working towards making their bots safe for clients to mitigatge potential risks.

Crypto/Trading Bots

MyPaal: AI-Driven Crypto Navigator

  • Universal AI Genius: MyPaal serves as a versatile crypto assistant, combining chatbot, moderator, researcher, and community manager roles.
  • Crypto-Specific Expertise: Gain insights into tokenomics, blockchain intricacies, and market sentiments to stay informed.
  • Beyond Basic Chat: Analyze community sentiment and receive chat summaries for a deeper understanding of audience mood.
  • Personalize Your Experience: Tailor MyPaal to your preferences by feeding it diverse content types, ensuring alignment with your needs.
  • One AI, Many Faces: Expand MyPaal’s intelligence across different platforms with customizable bots.
  • Safety First: Rest assured with Google Cloud encryption, keeping your data secure and untouched.
  • Earning Opportunities: Stake $PAAL for revenue sharing, merging AI insights with financial gains.

AutoPaal: Advanced AI for In-Depth Research & Analysis

  • Autonomous AI Exploration: Gain deep insights into the crypto realm with AutoPaal’s research capabilities.
  • Dynamic Data Access: Access fresh and informed answers with connections to various knowledge bases, market data, and news sources.
  • Data Visualization: Clear graphical representations offer visual insights into complex topics, enhancing understanding.

AutoPaalX: AI-Powered Trade Enhancer

  • Instant Buy Option: Streamline your trading process with AutoPaalX’s ‘buy’ button, discovering and integrating contracts quickly.
  • Tailored Purchase Suggestions: Receive custom recommendations for optimized trading decisions based on your input.
  • Private Trade Conversations: Ensure secure transactions by redirecting to private chats for creating or importing wallets.

PaalX: Trade & Wallet Management Made Easy

  • Trade with Ease: Experience seamless token trading with PaalX, supported by sophisticated data security.
  • Manage Your Wallet: Effortlessly import existing wallets or create new ones, ensuring your assets are always accessible.
  • Stay Updated: Track current holdings in real-time and view wallets for comprehensive investment management.

$PAAL Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1B $PAAL
Current MC: $446M
Fully Diluted MC: $556M
Price: $0.55 (11th April 2024)
ATH: $0.82


  • 4%: Allocated for buys and sells.
  • 0.5%: Marketing and User Acquisition: A focused strategy combining marketing efforts with user acquisition initiatives to enhance community growth and engagement.
  • 0.5%: Development Lab: Dedicated to innovation and supporting research and development for new features, ensuring the platform stays ahead in technological advancements.
  • 1%: Team: Ensures the attraction, retention, and fair compensation of top talent, crucial for long-term success.
  • 2%: Ecosystem:
    • RevShare: Continues the commitment to sharing success with the community.
    • Buybacks: Tokens repurchased are directly channeled into staking pools, boosting staking rewards and overall token value.

Conclusion and Final Words

We at Our Crypto Talk ourselves use the PAAL AI bot and are very happy with its performance and working. The technology is actually very practical and usable.

As for the investment opportunity, NFA but the AI space in crypto is still yet to see a huge surge like it has seen in the web2 world and its most probable that $PAAL will clear the $1B MC in 2024.

Always DYOR, check $PAAL docs here and for more crypto reviews check our blogs page.

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