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Neoxa: Revolutionizing Gaming in the Web3 Era

NEOXA in the web3 gaming space

In a digital realm where gaming meets the boundless possibilities of cryptocurrency, emerges Neoxa — ( $NEOX ) a groundbreaking innovation poised to transform the gaming landscape.

Imagine a world where your gaming prowess isn’t just about conquering levels but also an avenue to turn your passion into a lucrative venture.

Welcome to the realm where Neoxa redefines gaming, making it not just a pastime but an opportunity for financial empowerment and a connected community experience!

Just to give you a reminder that the web3 gaming industry has a market cap of $17B currently and is projected to easily hit $70B in the next bull run!

Introduction to $NEOX

This innovative currency offers various ways to earn Neoxa coins, including traditional Proof of Work mining, the inventive Play2Earn mechanism, and cutting-edge smartnodes. These methods allow gamers to accumulate Neoxa while fully immersing themselves in their favorite gaming experiences.

With Neoxa, you no longer need to spend your time gaming for free; instead, you can harness the power of your gameplay to earn rewards that can be utilized for your in-game purchases and much more.

Proof of Work: Neoxa secures its blockchain through the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, utilizing the efficient KawPow algorithm. 45% of each block reward goes to miners, ensuring network security and functionality. The algorithm’s resistance to ASIC mining promotes fairness, allowing miners with different hardware capabilities to participate and earn rewards accordingly.

Smartnodes: Leveraging technology from Dash, Neoxa employs smartnodes that play a crucial role in maintaining the blockchain’s stability and reliability. These nodes, rewarded with 45% of block rewards, operate as a network of servers, facilitating secure transactions and contributing to the blockchain’s consensus mechanism.

Asset Creation: Inspired by Ravencoin, Neoxa introduces asset creation, enabling users to generate digital assets within its ecosystem. This feature allows tokenization of real-world assets like real estate or intellectual property rights, increasing their liquidity and accessibility.

Features of Neoxa

Play2Earn: Neoxa’s Play2Earn model revolutionizes gaming by enabling players to earn cryptocurrency without an initial investment. Integrated into popular gaming servers like Neoxa Rust and GTA FiveM, this model provides rewarding gameplay experiences.

Burning Mechanism: Neoxa implements a supply-reduction mechanism where Neoxa involved in in-game purchases are systematically burned, reducing the supply and enhancing the cryptocurrency’s value.

Stream2Earn: Twitch streamers can earn Neoxa through a unique algorithm, merging streaming with cryptocurrency opportunities.

Utilities: Neoxa coins offer various utilities within and outside the gaming ecosystem, including in-game purchases, enhancing gaming experiences, participating in network governance via SmartNodes, exchanging with other cryptocurrencies, and potential usage in traditional financial markets.

Gamers Rewarding Mechanism: This innovative mechanism allows gamers to earn Neoxa coins, unlocking real-world rewards while gaming, fostering a connected gaming community, and distributing over 250,000 payments to date.

Supported Games: Neoxa presently supports popular titles like Rust and GTA FiveM, with plans to expand its gaming universe, offering diverse play-to-earn opportunities.

Economic Model: Neoxa’s tokenomics allocate rewards to miners, smartnodes, Play2Earn fund, and development fund, ensuring a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

Games on the NEOXA Platform

  • RUST: Rust is a popular multiplayer survival game available on Steam. In Rust, players are stranded on an open-world island and must gather resources, craft items, build shelters, and form alliances to survive in a harsh and competitive environment
  • Dota 2 : multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), pits two teams of five players controlling unique heroes against each other. The goal is to strategically destroy the opposing team’s Ancient in their base. Renowned for its depth and esports prominence, Dota 2 demands teamwork, skill, and resource management.
  • Fortnite: Fortnite, a wildly popular online multiplayer game, pits players against each other in a battle royale to outlast opponents. Its dynamic mix of building, shooting, and strategy unfolds in ever-evolving landscapes.


Price : $0.0062
MC : $24.5M
CS : 3.89B NEOX

$NEOX is available for buying on MEXC, CoinEx, TradeOgre and .

If you want to read more about NEOXA here is the link to their whitepaper and for more in depth project reviews, check out our blog page.

Conclusion: Neoxa redefines gaming and cryptocurrency, offering a comprehensive user-centric experience. Its innovative features, commitment to the Play2Earn model and coin-burning mechanism highlight its potential in reshaping the gaming landscape while providing real-world applications. Also, NFA. DYOR and manage your risk.

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