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$GHX: Computing and P2E in one

Introduction to $GHX

Gamerhash is an application that combines two important aspects of web3 gaming industry – sharing compute power and play to earn.

The application allows us to either earn by sharing our system’s computing power (just by running the app in the background) or by playing task based games on the platform itself.

The rewards are in the form of $GHX tokens which can be used to – send to external wallets, HODL or even pay for items in Gamerhash’s own marketplace and game store.

Gamerhash is also heavily involved in partnerships with The Sandbox and Otherside in the metaverse space, owning 3 lands on the Otherside.

Play and Earn

Gamerhash’s play and earn side left us a bit underwhelmed to be honest. It is not actually about playing games on the platform at all. It is more of a signup completion task flow that rewards you with $GHX tokens.

The tasks range from signing up to connecting your metamask etc.

The part of play and earn that is exciting is the fact that Gamerhash has an online store that allows you to get games and services ranging from Netflix to Steam through your earned $GHX tokens.

Gamerhash is also working on their first in-house game “TRAVERSE: Mars Is Mine” right now which will be released soon.

Use Cases for Gamerhash


Explore a diverse array of gaming products at the GamerHash Store, your go-to digital marketplace. Uncover a carefully curated selection, including games, hardware, gift cards, in-game currencies, and GSM cards from leading brands like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and more. Elevate the gaming experience with the latest releases and essential accessories.

What sets the GamerHash Store apart is its distinctive offering of vouchers for offline stores like Żabka and Biedronka, complementing the digital product lineup. Gain access not only to cutting-edge digital gaming content but also exclusive deals for favorite brick-and-mortar stores.


In recent years, cryptocurrencies have evolved into a global phenomenon, leading to a surge in devices utilizing computing power for mining. Specialized machines, known as “miners,” are continually being developed to optimize the mining of virtual currencies. This results in a complex and time-consuming process that requires testing various solutions through intricate configuration systems to maximize platform profits.

To simplify and streamline this process, GamerHash employs independently developed algorithms. These algorithms eliminate the need for users to conduct extensive tests or make frequent changes to configuration files. After initial testing, the algorithm effortlessly identifies the optimal cryptocurrency and the most profitable miner settings. This automation minimizes the complexities associated with managing multiple cryptocurrency wallets based on daily rates and profitability, saving users from constant updates and data downloads, especially in the case of large cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

By utilizing GamerHash’s algorithms, users no longer encounter issues related to program operation or hardware malfunctions. This approach significantly reduces the time spent on troubleshooting, as the algorithm takes care of error resolution based on specific configurations. In essence, GamerHash aims to make earning through cryptocurrency mining a hassle-free experience.

$GHX Tokenomics

Current Market Cap: $20M

Total Supply: 808,000,000

Circulating Supply: 622,866,240 

The $GHX token distribution is shown as above with the majority chunk of 45% being reserved for Product development.

What is also encouraging to see that the team has burnt 8% of the tokens to keep the economy stable and does not refrain from doing so again.

Closing thoughts on $GHX

There is a lot of hype around $GHX at the time of writing and the parternships and tokenomics point towards it but the gaming industry is very competetive and we think that Gamerhash really needs to step up in the “gaming” part of their name and not just the shared GPU power.

To read more about Gamerhash, check out their documentation.

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