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$CSIX: The Browser Of The Web3

Introduction to $CSIX

The Carbon Browser ($CSIX) is a web-3 first browser in the web3 space which aims to put security before data collection. The problem with modern day web 2 browsers has been accumulation of user data and the web3 space tends to fight against it. We already have many players in this space including $BAT (Brave) , $MASQ etc and Carbon is one of the best ones out there.

Carbon is a free and open source browser developed by Carbon X Labs based on a custom fork of the Chromium browser and its Blink engine. Carbon is a privacy focused browser browser which prioritises user data and information.

Some salient features of $CSIX as mentioned on their homepage are –

  • Privacy: In-built dVPN, firewall & ToR e2ee which will come at no extra cost.
  • Web 3 : A fully immersive web 3.0 experience with crypto features as standard including a multi-chain wallet and bridge.
  • Faster Browsing: An optimized engine along with automatic blocking of intrusive ads to give 3x speeds.
  • Ad-blocker: Block trackers and ads on every page you browse without compromising UX or browsing speed.
  • Browse To Earn : Earn rewards while you browse and spend on Carbon’s partner network without KYC.

$CSIX vs Other Browsers

When it comes to comparisons with Web 2.0 browsers, there is a huge gap when it comes to the privacy space. The traditional browsers are infamous for reading through users’ browsing data for advertisements and are full of ads.

Even with Chrome’s Incognito or Apple’s private browsing feature, the best they do is clear cookies and browsing history; nothing more. Trackers and ad bots can still track you in incognito. Carbon does not allow this.

Carbon solves all these issues and provides a further layer of web 3.0 features with ENS domains, IPFS , multi chain wallets and browse to earn.

Even when it comes to web 3.0 browsers, $CSIX stands out with its pure speed optimisations making it 5x faster than other browsers.

Brave is probably the most direct competitor to Carbon. Even though great in its own respect, it suffers from a few issues. Brave Rewards tie you to custodial partners with KYC. Even with the $BAT tokenomics, most tokens are held by VCs, giving it a more centralised approach.

Problems $CSIX Solves

Lack of Privacy, Decentralisation and Slow Browsing Speed

Carbon solves the privacy problem with built in features like VPN, dVPN and firewall as well as option to connect through 3rd party network connectors like TOR.

$CSIX also allows access to decentralized dark web via the in-built VPN, dVPN and the TOR e2ee feature.

The Browse to Earn benefits of Carbon do it without a KYC, respecting users’ privacy and keeping the Carbon network decentralised.

Lack of web 3.0 features as standard

Some features of Carbon that come as standard for web 3.0 –

  • Ether, ERC 20, BEP 20 tokens support with the built in wallet.
  • Atomic swaps and bridge via the built in multichain crypto wallet wallet/bridge integration provider.
  • NFT gallery to manage and stream through your NFT collection.
  • Access to ENS and HNS domains along with IPFS.
  • A carbon AdX marketplace.

Inferior Ad Blocking

Carbon works in partnership with Eyeo and uses a fork of their chromium AdBlock SDK. Eyeo is the leader in AdBlock tech in the world.

Carbon does not however, wish to be a hinderance to the content creation community on the internet. Realising that ads are needed for the growth of the businneses, Carbon has an AdX Marketplace.

$CSIX Tokenomics

I think $CSIX has arguable one of the best marketing teams out there, period. The community is absolutely fantastic on social media platforms like X and Youtube and is continously growing.

The Tokenomics has a lot to contribute to that. If we see, nearly 25% is attributed to marketing and KOLs while just 2% is for the team itself. That just shows the dedication of the team here.

Development also accounts for nearly 24% of the token allocation, again reflecting the transparency of the team towards growth.

Current Price (19th Feb 2024) : $0.078

ATH (Feb 20, 2023): $0.4315

Total Supply: 999,599,993 CSIX
Current Supply: 317,416,407 CSIX

Final thoughts

I believe Carbon is one of the best Web3 browsers out there. The speed and dedication of the team is second to none . The team also takes deflationary measures like burning of $CSIX tokens from time to time, making it a valuable asset as well.

If you want to read up more on Carbon browser, check out their paper here.

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