TRON gas free

TRON developing gas-free stablecoin transactions.

TRON founder Justin Sun announced that his team is developing a stablecoin solution aimed at increasing institutional adoption of such assets. On July 6, Sun revealed that a gas-free stablecoin solution will be launched on the TRON network in the fourth quarter of this year.

  • Sun explained that this new innovation means users will not need to pay a gas fee for stablecoin transactions, as the stablecoins themselves will cover the fees. This solution will initially be available on the TRON Network before expanding to Ethereum and other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible public chains. “Our team is developing a new solution that enables gas-free stablecoin transfers. In other words, transfers can be made without paying any gas tokens, with the fees being entirely covered by the stablecoins themselves,” Sun stated.
  • He added that this development could help TRON become the first blockchain to surpass one billion addresses. TRON has gained prominence by offering affordable stablecoin access, making it the second-largest network for such assets after Ethereum. Despite facing regulatory challenges and allegations of misuse by fraudsters, Sun believes this solution will further drive institutional stablecoin adoption. Stablecoins, typically pegged to the US dollar, offer a stable alternative to volatile digital assets like Bitcoin, especially in emerging markets where they are used to hedge against depreciating national currencies and as a payment method for goods and services.

In conclusion, market experts predict that demand for stablecoins will continue to grow. Visa notes that this growth is helping it catch up with established settlement networks, and regulatory efforts in various countries, including the United States, aim to bring these assets into compliance due to their high adoption rate.

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