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Soaring Energy Costs Push Bitcoin Miners from Paraguay to Argentina

Paraguay Faces Bitcoin Mining Exodus Due to Power Fee Increase

The recent hike in power fees by the National Power Administration of Paraguay (ANDE) has spurred Bitcoin mining companies to seek alternatives in neighboring countries like Argentina and Brazil.

Migration of Mining Operations

Industry insiders reveal that the 14% increase in power fees for Bitcoin mining operations is prompting companies to reconsider their presence in Paraguay. Many are now looking to relocate to countries with better conditions and lower energy costs. Consequently, this shift is expected to impact Paraguay’s mining industry significantly.

New Ventures in Argentina

One significant project involves a joint venture between Argentine and Brazilian companies. This venture will settle in the Zapala region of Argentina. They plan to leverage energy incentives for businesses there. The collaboration between “Zapala Mining” and “Patagonia 360” aims to capitalize on unconventional energy sources in Vaca Muerta, one of Argentina’s largest oil fields. Initially, the project targets an 8 MW generation in October. They plan to reach 200 MW by 2026.

Industry Insights

Fernando Arriola, president of the Paraguayan Fintech Chamber, noted that several companies have already signed contracts to move their operations to Argentina. He highlighted the cost advantages, with energy prices ranging between $28 and $37. Arriola predicts a significant migration of Bitcoin mining operations from Paraguay to Argentina and Brazil within the next six months. However, logistical issues with importing mining equipment might delay the migration.

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