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Justin Sun to Buy Germany’s Bitcoin

In a bold move that has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency world, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, has made an offer to purchase all of Germany’s Bitcoin holdings. His aim is to minimize the impact on the market, a concern that has been growing among investors and traders.

Justin Sun’s exact words were, “I am willing to negotiate with the German government to purchase all BTC off-market in order to minimize the impact on the market.” This statement highlights his intention to carry out the transaction discreetly to avoid market fluctuations.

Germany’s Recent Bitcoin Movements

On July 4th, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) moved around $75 million worth of Bitcoin in multiple transactions. These funds were distributed across exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp. This significant transfer has led to speculation about the government’s plans for its Bitcoin reserves.

  • Since mid-June, Germany has shifted approximately $315 million in Bitcoin to various platforms.
  • In under a month, over $390 million in Bitcoin has been offloaded.
  • Despite these sales, Germany still holds around 40,000 Bitcoin.

The steady flow of Bitcoin to exchanges indicates Germany’s potential plans to liquidate parts of its reserves. This has sparked fears of a negative impact on Bitcoin’s market price, which dipped below $58,000 this week.

Historical Context and Comparisons

The activity follows the BKA’s 2013 seizure of nearly 50,000 Bitcoin linked to the former operator of the film piracy website Movie2K. This stash is estimated to be worth $2.3 billion at today’s prices. Comparisons are being made to recent transfers by the U.S. government, which also holds Bitcoin confiscated from criminal cases, raising concerns about further market impacts.

Implications for the Market

The timing of these sales is critical, as creditor repayments from Mt. Gox’s 2014 collapse are set to begin in July, threatening to compound selling pressure on Bitcoin. The amounts transferred so far make up a relatively small share of the BKA’s massive Bitcoin trove, but the market remains wary.

Justin Sun’s Strategic Move

Justin Sun’s proposal to buy Germany’s Bitcoin is seen as a strategic move to stabilize the market. By negotiating a private deal with the German government, Justin Sun aims to prevent further market disruptions. His proactive approach could set a precedent for how large-scale Bitcoin holdings are managed in the future.


In summary, Justin Sun’s offer to buy Germany’s Bitcoin holdings could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. His approach aims to minimize market impact while addressing the concerns of large-scale Bitcoin sales. As the situation develops, all eyes will be on how Germany responds to Justin Sun’s proposal and the potential ripple effects on the market.

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